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Okay, first of all, i really liked this game. Second it gets me so frustrated because i can't get into Room #6. I watched videos, read comments, tried it on windows as well as android but the room never shows up during my games. It is just not there.

I tried the android version and the portable windows version. Any idea? Am i missing something?


Still a great game. Very short but very good.


Android bug: You can get stuck if you go back to the first room after having changed the angle, because you can't spin the first room on android. Which makes it impossible to see the door.



Semantic bug: It says: the color ain't right, even if the color is correct, and just the order of the mixing is wrong.

And i cannot figure out the hints for the lever room:

Android: "X marks the spot <linebreak> X marks the spot"

Windows: "It would take months to guess."

Although the problem itself is manageable. :)


All in all a great game, just some points that bugged me. Keep up the good work and stay true :]

Thanks for your comment!

Room 6 is hidden, and can only be accessed by doing specific things :)

Re the bug: That is weird, but I'll definitely take a look. After you left the room once you should be able to rotate (buttons or swipe) if you come back.

Lever room: The two different hints is simply due to it being random, so you get a different answer each time you start the game! Trying not to give too much, I can say that each hint gives you a number which you can then use to figure out the answer!

Again thanks for your comment, and thanks for playing!

You're welcome. And thank you for your reply. I totally get you. Not giving away stuff and spoiling it fit the others is very nice. I had some problems myself with what I posted because of the spoilers.

Can't find a chat or pn-feature here. :/

Still, I must've had like ten playthroughs or so trying anything and everything I could think of, but I can't get that room to show up. I think my brain is getting mushy.

Maybe you could send me another hint to ?

"i wanna be a pirate!" jeez, brings back memories. and that cow room sure was something lmao

Will there be a new chapter? Please make one. This game is awesome!!!!!!

I love this game, awesome! There are just two things I want to know.

1) is there a room 6? because after the kitchen (which is 4) comes a 'tube' which is 5. But at the end of the tube, you enter room 7, with the colormixing. is there no room 6?

And 2) Are there any easter eggs? I red it somewhere on this site, but it wasn't clear what they talked about. So, are there any easter eggs?

I loved the game, and please make Chapter II soon :D

Hi, thanks for the message!

To answer your questions:

1) Yes, there is.

2) See 1 :)

Spent nearly an hour trying to find this secret room 6. Didn't manage even with Google and Youtube. Kudos to the developer!

What's wrong with me ... xD desperate-laugh

That was a fun experience.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do a Let's Play, glad you enjoyed the game! :D

There are some places in this game that have to change because it is a good game and I loved it. I have listed some ideas here, but over all I enjoyed it.

I did a playthrough of this on my YouTube channel. Also this game was really good and had a lot of fun playing it!

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Did a playthrough of this on my YouTube channel, hope you don't mind!

It was a very cute style and good puzzles--the color room had me stumped for quite a bit. I'd love to see a longer version. Thanks for sharing!


I had to look up the answers XD.

This was a rather unique and interesting puzzle game. Makes you think. Though is there more to it once you hit FIN? Cause I have spotted something in it that is relevant to the paintings too. So is there anything else to that room?

Thank you! Currently the FIN is the last room. The "?..." is there as an opening for me to continue to chapter two, however I'm really unsure when I'll make it.


It needs some music! Loved the Neverhood snippet

AMAZING!!! Wow what an amazing idea! Did you develop this by yourself?


I know I'm a little bit late in doing a let's play of this game but I've been having it on my list for "Games To Record" for a very long time now! Hope you'll enjoy! I sure did!! :)

Stay Rad Everybody!!

Thumbs up emoji.

I really want to play this game, but I'm having trouble getting it to run on Linux. The config window opens, I'll hit OK and the game stops. Any suggestions?

Also, send a complaint on my behalf to the itch search engine. "There you go" doesn't return your game. Fortunately, octogear does.


I fixed the search issue, thanks for the report!

I don't see many good games like this. You did a pretty good job with it!

Thank you so much! :D

Such a fun game, got stuck on the colour one for a while but figured it out xD anyway fun game and i enjoyed it, Keep doing what you do!

What do I do on it? I am so stuck!

It was a cool game you didn't have to think a lot and I'm looking forward to you making a second one and I'll definitely be playing it


Hey there! You might want to ship a portable Windows build of the game (instead of an installer) if you want to please app users, see this GitHub thread. Thanks!


Thanks for letting me know! I've uploaded a portable version, hopefully it'll work for him :)


It wasn't tagged with 'Windows', just fixed that :) Works well on Windows 10!

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This was quite a neat little puzzle game! If you ever do end up making more chapters to it, I'll definitely be playing them! Made a little playthrough as well!

this game is fun! i'm currently stuck at the color puzzle but will sure continue playing!

Very nice! Usually I give up escape the room games in frustration but this one I was able to finish after a lot of time-pain and then recorded a quick playthrough!

[SPOILER] I found the music behind the painting easter egg! (so proud) :)


xD thank so much man, i couldn't do the colour one so thanks!

Eyyy, u got a pretty game here, if I had money I would donate (I live in Turkey and 1 dollar is 3 Turkish liras sorry), btw I want to talk with you about game developing. PM me when you have time to chat, see ya!

This game is fun hope you can make more i can see that it says FIN???? at the end anyway this is my hilarious gameplay of this game

LOL thanks for that :D

i'm just a small channel so i dont think my video gonna help your game but still it's a good game love it XD

Hi we filmed our play of this game, it really scratched our heads, it'll be up on our channel on Friday! we put a link to the game in the description. This game was a ton of fun and can't wait to see more from you!

Awesome! Cheers mate, looking forward to seeing the video and hopefully whatever comes next from me lives up to this!

I like the set up of the puzzles and the environment. Great puzzles m8 keep it up!

Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed it!

I really enjoyed the game, nicely done and satisfying when you find the answer.


My one slight complaint is that in the room with the paint tanks the hint above the door had me stuck for ages because it said "PROP" above the door so I assumed it was a prop room and never made the connection on my own!!

Still enjoyed it though, good job.


Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

That hint is picked randomly from a set of a few, but I get the issue and I struggled with what to do about it for a while tbh. My main concern with moving it (to be above the colours door, for example) is that it would make it a bit too obvious imo. Since this is such a small game I tried to obscure the hints a bit!

I understand that completely, the location is great, it's just the fact it spelt a word that threw me off.

Hints can be an hart to place in puzzle games, trying not to be too obvious with them... but like I say I enjoyed it :)


They are all words.

Hey I just finished your game and I absolutely loved it! I hope we will see more levels in the future :) I am also a game developer and this game was very inspiring for me, thanks :)

By the way, I was trying to import Magica Voxel objects to Unity but it considers it as a whole mesh, how did you manage to animate single boxes or walls... ? Thanks.

Thank you so much! I actually used two different methods:

  1. Unity cubes for texts - simply constructing the text from cubes and then animating them using my own script
  2. PicaVoxel - it's a nice little plugin that allows you to create animations and other nice voxel things!

what did you use to make these game maker,click team fusion,unity???

The entire game is in Unity, with some models done in Magica Voxel.

cool THX

Great game, I wish there were more levels tho. Hopefully in the future as from the looks of it, it shouldn't be hard to make new ones once you have an idea for them.

Thanks! I wish there were more levels as well :)

Yeah now that everything's in place, once I have an understanding of the puzzle I want to create it's not too much work. It's just creating enough puzzles that make sense and bringing them all together!

How hard would it be to add a puzzle editor? Then you could engage players into thinking puzzles for you and you could assemble next chapters out of best community puzzles.

Haha oh wow, that's interesting! Unfortunately as every puzzle is quite unique, it probably means exposing some scripting language to an editor. To be honest as this is a free game, and it was meant primarily as my foyer into game development, I wouldn't want to invest that much time into a "puzzle editor".

Well, it's your choice, your game. Do as you wish. Though Lua bindings for Unity are easy to integrate, if you'd ask me.

Pretty Amazing game for your first attempt. I recently started Game Development and this gave such a good boost of Inspiration to me. Keep up the Good Work.

And let me guess , Magica Voxel for the Assets right ?

Thanks so much! That's great to hear, and good luck in yours as well!

Yeah the assets are part MagicaVoxel, part PicaVoxel and part lots-of-cubes-in-unity :)

Voxels Rock!. I will be waiting for Chapter II .

ok, I am a color-blind and I stuck in the level with colors.

Oh no! Did you get the hint and know which colours to choose, you just can't get them?

Hmm... Is there anything I can do with the colours to alleviate this issue? To somehow distinguish them more from one another?

No you cannot do anything ... unless you want to label all the colors.


I've just uploaded a new version which should include a new Colour Blind button for this puzzle. Hope that helps :)


Thank you! you really care about the community and 0.4% of all people!

You really know how to make a good challenge, nice job, btw how do you make those pixels in 3D?

Beautifully done! I had fun playing through the puzzles. The way the game rendered the rooms as you changed perspectives was very elegant! I enjoyed it a lot. Bravo!

I do not know what to do in 10 stages. T_T

Hi! Hope I'm using this comment section correctly... I forgot to mention, I did a video of your game recently. I sucked at figuring some things out, but I had fun playing it! You don't have to watch the video or anything, just wanted to show my opinions (not that my feedback should matter haha). Would definitely play more games from Octogear! Only problem I had (stupid question really), was figuring out the room with the four 'Easter Egg' paintings. Was there a room after that??

(1 edit) (+1)

Haha thank you very much for the video! Was fun to watch, and your feedback does matter - as this is my first game I try to take in any and all feedback, and will probably put it to good use in chapter 2. Unfortunately as there are SO many people it's hard to strike a balance, and eventually some people will find it too easy and some too hard!

I hope you had more fun than frustration though :)

There's nothing after level 10 - at the moment! The messages are just references to the games these paintings are of, and the ! to ?... is me hoping I'll get to do chapter 2 :)

No problem! Thanks for watching as well! I just didn't want to sound pushy with my opinion. But absolutely! I hope I didn't sound like I was complaining, it was fun!

As for the last level, I'm glad I wasn't just missing something obvious! Haha That's a cool way of doing it though, if you do, do a 'Chapter 2', I will definitely be playing it!

Sorry for the late response as well, haven't been on my PC much lately. Have a great night (if it is night there haha)!


wow, how did you find the sheep/cow secret hidden room?


Hi! When you go through the vent into the 'mixing colors'-type room, from the kitchen, there's a vent with light shining through. I don't remember if I had to use the arrows to turn the camera angle, maybe. It should be there, but I don't think there's much of the purpose to it. Cool room though, it was a nice touch!


That's a bit of a hidden room, and you have to do certain things to get it :)

Loved it. So in the final room, what's the forth painting of? I recognized Monkey Island, The Dig and Loom but the one with Malcom wludes me.

Thanks! The fourth painting is Kyrandia.

I actually thought people wouldn't recognise The Dig, it wasn't well-known when I was growing up.

Awesome, just got myself a new (old) adventure game to play next!

Hi! I really enjoyed playing this game ! You've done an elegant puzzle game, congrats :)

If I might give my feedback, the only black shadow I see is the penultimate riddle which don't use the turnaround mechanics (though I found this riddle very cool). Also concerning this riddle, it was quite easy to solve by using a pen and a paper, but for player on mobile, if they are in deplacement or on the throne, you could maybe help in the level design by making a paving or something that shows the row (argh, I hope you don't think I didn't like your game or I'm criticizing it :o )

Thanks for the discovery :)


Hi Manu!

I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thank you very much for the feedback! As this is my first game all feedback is greatly appreciated.

Are you referring to the levers room? If so - there's actually a hit for the solution in the room itself! One way of solving it is, as you did, actually "calculating" which levers you'll have to have on; but you can also follow the hint in the room. It's a bit more hidden than other hints, but it's there :)

Thanks again!


You're welcome, I have the habit to search a fly in the ointment (is it the correct expression?) but it's never to overwhelm, it's just because i'm interested in your game :)

I found the hint, but it wasn't helpful for me ^^" (maybe I'm bad at logical thinking, either the keytouch being refered doesn't do anything, either it's the roman number in which case I already had this informations, either there is another hint and I didn't found it). And I don't know why I can't rotate the room to help me solve this riddle, it was the part I prefered ^^"

wow! Loved this! Perfect mobile game too. just so you know, i had issues opening this on a macbookpro 2010 model. I had to change permissions with "chmod +x*" command in the terminal.

good job!


There's indeed an Android version as well and I agree, it works well on it due to its simple mechanics.

Thanks for the heads up about the permissions on Mac, I'll see if I can't bake that into my build process.

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