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This has the makings of a great game. I would support a larger game like this. If you like puzzles and Minecraft I recommend this title.

It's still amazing and I started playing it again. I somehow managed to learn there you go walkthrough

It's neat but lacks content.

Hello recommended your game to me and I really like the look of it. As a YouTuber, I'd really like to do a video on your game and upload it. However, I would like to have your permission to do so.

Have a nice day!

Kimmy ^.^

Hi Kimmy! Sorry for missing this post - yep of course, feel free to upload any video you want about the game.

Thanks so much for the interest!

Thank you for allowing me to make a video on your game. I'll hopefully get it up in the next few days!

Not a problem! I really look forward to playing your game

Great game, enjoyed it a lot! :-)

So I played today the game and loved it. When we can see the second game? The concept is really really good. PS: I was playing it to post on my youtube channel


Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Unfortunately life got in the way of the sequel, so I'm not sure when I'll be able to get back to finishing it - but I'm still hopeful that'll happen :)

voce quer vender a licença desse game ? quanto ?

A wonderful game! The mechanics are great, I love! I hope you do something else like this ! :D

Le mot "fin" étant français, j'imagine que tu es franchophone, donc je te le dit en français : bravo, ce jeu était magnifique ! :D

hey! this game was super fun, though the color puzzle was a bit baffling :p it was also super short, i hope you make more like these! i've played it on one of my live streams here, it starts at around 50:40

That's awesome, thank you so much for playing and streaming it! Glad you enjoyed :D

I have been stuck on level 7.2 for ages

. Some of  the videos above, there have been a  secret room in the vent , does this room have anything to with the colours? 

All the colours in the videos aren't correct for me by the way.

I am playing this game on a phone from the Google Play Store. 

I have been stuck on level 7.2 for ages

. Some of  the videos above, there have been a  secret room in the vent , does this room have anything to with the colours? 

All the colours in the videos aren't correct for me by the way.

I am playing this game on a phone from the Google Play Store. 

the key is the letters at the top of the door

Un Buen Juego, Necesita Un Buen Gameplay, Acá Les Dejo El Mio Ojala Les Guste :D

very nice game, i play your game in my youtube chanel ;)

Hello! I really liked your game, it was unique and nicely challenging in some parts. It was just a nice quaint little puzzle game! I made a let's play of it here~

beat it in two minutes


Loved the game, amazing concept of rotating objects, would love to see more puzzles like them and longer levels

I made a walkthrough/gameplay check it out :)

level 7.2?

how pls

There you go :)

brilliant look :) Couldn't get past room 2. I must be dumb!

>There You Go is a short (around 15 minutes) isometric puzzle game

but it would take months to guess and i dont know what is x mark…

i have downloaded this game but it's very complicated to play fortunately, I have found There You Go Walkthrough

Really awesome game! I thoroughly enjoyed playing it.

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I found a few very mild glitches (spoilers):

If you turn room 2's PC off quickly enough, the code will disappear but the green will stay on. Clicking a second time will turn the monitor off and everything will be fine.

If you go back to room 7 from a solved lever room and then back in, the camera will still be locked, even though the door appears. This is fixed just by unsolving and re-solving the levers.

No way. It changes the second time. But the first time is the same for everyone

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This game made me feel like I was playing one of those old adventure games made in shockwave/flash, but at the same time it felt very modern because of how tactile the controls felt. I hope more games like this get made.

Love the voxel graphics and the puzzle challenges.

Got a hard time on color challenge until I realized I forgot to analyze an important clue which made solving the challenge much easier xD.

I am totally confused. I have found the radio and room 6, but I can't get past level 10!!! Please help!!!

I've looked at a ton of walkthrough's and I can't find the solution anywhere!l!

Level 10 is the end. You don't beat it. I think... O_O


The game is nice and all, but I got stuck in the colored room, I knew what needed to be done but for some reason it didnt work. Honestly I think you should remove that part. It's far too frustrating and confusing and over all a bad puzzle. I think most people will exit the game after getting stuck at it.

Thanks for the feedback,

That's part of the main puzzle of the game - the machine in the centre of the adjacent room - and as such it's intended to be hard.

I haven't heard reports of the puzzle not working yet, so you might be following one of my false leads :) If you find yourself absolutely stuck you can always check YouTube for walkthroughs, there's quite a bit of them.

As a puzzle game I'm perfectly happy with people spending "long time" on it, as that's what a puzzle is!


The colored room puzzle was easy actually.

You just need to get the needed clue first.

I spent a lot of times on this puzzle too because I forgot to get and analyze the needed clue.

I want to be a game Dev. I want to know what engine you used and if it needs to learn coding ? And how much you can earn from a simple 15 min game ?

and how is developing going?

This was fun. I got stuck for a while in the color room because I thought GROW meant to grow the apple tree.



Okay, first of all, i really liked this game. Second it gets me so frustrated because i can't get into Room #6. I watched videos, read comments, tried it on windows as well as android but the room never shows up during my games. It is just not there.

I tried the android version and the portable windows version. Any idea? Am i missing something?


Still a great game. Very short but very good.


Android bug: You can get stuck if you go back to the first room after having changed the angle, because you can't spin the first room on android. Which makes it impossible to see the door.



Semantic bug: It says: the color ain't right, even if the color is correct, and just the order of the mixing is wrong.

And i cannot figure out the hints for the lever room:

Android: "X marks the spot <linebreak> X marks the spot"

Windows: "It would take months to guess."

Although the problem itself is manageable. :)


All in all a great game, just some points that bugged me. Keep up the good work and stay true :]

Thanks for your comment!

Room 6 is hidden, and can only be accessed by doing specific things :)

Re the bug: That is weird, but I'll definitely take a look. After you left the room once you should be able to rotate (buttons or swipe) if you come back.

Lever room: The two different hints is simply due to it being random, so you get a different answer each time you start the game! Trying not to give too much, I can say that each hint gives you a number which you can then use to figure out the answer!

Again thanks for your comment, and thanks for playing!

You're welcome. And thank you for your reply. I totally get you. Not giving away stuff and spoiling it fit the others is very nice. I had some problems myself with what I posted because of the spoilers.

Can't find a chat or pn-feature here. :/

Still, I must've had like ten playthroughs or so trying anything and everything I could think of, but I can't get that room to show up. I think my brain is getting mushy.

Maybe you could send me another hint to ?

"i wanna be a pirate!" jeez, brings back memories. and that cow room sure was something lmao

Will there be a new chapter? Please make one. This game is awesome!!!!!!

I love this game, awesome! There are just two things I want to know.

1) is there a room 6? because after the kitchen (which is 4) comes a 'tube' which is 5. But at the end of the tube, you enter room 7, with the colormixing. is there no room 6?

And 2) Are there any easter eggs? I red it somewhere on this site, but it wasn't clear what they talked about. So, are there any easter eggs?

I loved the game, and please make Chapter II soon :D

Hi, thanks for the message!

To answer your questions:

1) Yes, there is.

2) See 1 :)

Spent nearly an hour trying to find this secret room 6. Didn't manage even with Google and Youtube. Kudos to the developer!

What's wrong with me ... xD desperate-laugh

That was a fun experience.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do a Let's Play, glad you enjoyed the game! :D

There are some places in this game that have to change because it is a good game and I loved it. I have listed some ideas here, but over all I enjoyed it.

I did a playthrough of this on my YouTube channel. Also this game was really good and had a lot of fun playing it!

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Did a playthrough of this on my YouTube channel, hope you don't mind!

It was a very cute style and good puzzles--the color room had me stumped for quite a bit. I'd love to see a longer version. Thanks for sharing!

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